Day 2 of Induction

Lindsey Pennington - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's day 2 of following the Induction Phase and it's still going great!  For breakfast I had chorizo and scrambled eggs topped with salsa and ranch dressing.  For lunch I had leftover Just Like Baked Potatoes.  For dinner I had a 9oz filet, house salad topped with cheese, onions, and tomatoes with a side of ranch dressing, and sauteed mushrooms.  For a snack I had deviled eggs. I'm looking forward to what this Induction Phase will bring!

In addition to sharing my meals I'm also going to share any kind of exercise that I do during the week.  Yesterday I went to a kickboxing class which was an awesome after work stress reliever.  Today I went to a class called Recess.  It sounds fun right?!?  It kicked my butt.  LOL!  It reminded me of all of basketball drills I used to do in high school.  What kind of exercise do you do to help aid in your weightloss?