Sugarless deLite

Lindsey Pennington - Friday, January 15, 2010

Today while I was out driving and picking something up for work, I drove by a store called Sugarless deLite and saw a big sign on the window that said LOW CARB. I couldn't resist, so I walked right.  I was greeted by the owner and I told him that I was there to see all of the low carb products that they carried.  To my surprise he not only showed me everything, he let me sample everything before I bought it.  It was such a great experience!  I'm so glad that I found a physical store where I can go buy low carb products! I wish every city had one of these stores!  If I try anything that I think is amazing, I'll let you know because you can also purchase the low carb products online.  Do you have any low carb stores in your city?  If not, what is your favorite online low carb store?